Ancient Decoder - Deluxe Spinning Pin


“Welcome, my friends… to the Temple of the Forbidden Eye! Those who seek the earthly treasures within face a perilous journey ahead, and would be wise to decipher the Marabic glyphs in order to make it out alive! Simply rotate the outer ring on the ancient decoder to reveal the english letter through the Eye of Mara - it is a most ingenious device. Good luck on your journey, and one final reminder - stare not into the eyes of the idol... that would be dangerous, very dangerous.”

Inspired by the ride, this incredibly detailed pin features scenes from each of the three paths in the Chamber of Destiny. Shooting stars and constellations set on a lush transparent purple background for the Observatory of the Future, flowing transparent blue waters from the vessel for the Fountain of Eternal Youth, and a shiny transparent yellow heap of treasure from the Chamber of Earthly Riches. Mara's eye emanates a golden beam, narrowly missing the travelers on the bridge and revealing the corresponding letter to the Marabic alphabet encircling the design. On the reverse side, a message reads "Real rewards await those who choose wisely."

• Deluxe pin on pin rotating design
• Polished gold metal finish
• Three black rubber backings
• Dimensions - 2" wide by 2" tall
• "Netherway Workshop" backstamp

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