B-Grade Pins | All Profits Donated

$5.50 - $14.00

All profits from sales of these pins will be donated!

Previously, we only sold B-Grade pins at events/conventions, but moving forward these pins will now be available to everyone online, and for a good cause. When we save up enough, we will donate any profits to a chosen charity/organization and share the results below here and on our Instagram!

Jun 2020 - The Okra Project - Donated $264.50
Jul 2020 - Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund - Donated $83.00
Aug - Sept 2020 - Black Lives Matter Los Angeles - Donated $136.50
Oct - Dec 2020 - Imagine LA - Donated $135.00
Jan - March 2021 - Stop AAPI Hate - Donated $164.46

What is a B-Grade pin?

These are pins that aren't up to our quality standards to sell for full price. That means they were sorted through and deemed to have some fault (sometimes very minor). We also like to call them "not perfect pins". B-Grade pins are still completely wearable and functional, they just might have a scratch or low enamel fill, or sometimes we received a batch that had some colors that weren't correct. If you're wearing pins on a jacket or bag they tend to get a bit roughed up anyway, so it might be a good option to save a few dollars and donate to a good cause!

All pins ordered are chosen at random and we can't accommodate any specific requests. B-Grade pins come packed without a backing card, but come in a small plastic bag. There will be a varying degree of quality to any pins received, so please have these expectations in mind before ordering.

Shipping Information