Never Tell Me The Odds - Pin Set

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"Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1."

Inspired by one of our favorite scenes from The Empire Strikes Back, this incredibly detailed pin features all the action and chaos of successfully navigating an asteroid field! Coming as a set of two interlocking pins, the background pin features transparent black enamel with multiple levels of metal, which adds to the depth of this scene (there's even a few easter eggs to find). The top pin, with intricate details of the Millennium Falcon can be removed to reveal the layout of the ship underneath and the phrase "Never Tell Me The Odds".

• A set of two interlocking hard enamel pins (can be worn separately or together)
• Polished silver metal finish
• Dual silver rubber backings for each pin (4 total)
• Dimensions - Millennium Falcon .75" wide by 1.15" tall & Asteroid Field 1.4" wide by 2.25" tall
• "Netherway Workshop" backstamp

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