Ocean Adventure

$7.00 - $10.00

What a wondrous place, dive deep and explore!

The ocean current ripples by as our dependable submarine descends further into the unknown. A humble sea turtle, majestic whale and squiggly jellyfish all pass by our majestic submersible as it progresses through the glimmering array of fish. Many great discoveries lie in wait!

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• Hard enamel lapel pin 
• Polished rose gold metal finish 
• Dual blue rubber backings 
• Dimensions - 1.5" wide by 1.25" tall

• "Netherway Workshop" backstamp

---------- PIN GRADING ----------

Standard Grade: Practically perfect, these pins are up to our high quality standards. Standard Grade pins may still have some very minor flaws that can only be seen at a certain angle and lighting (keep in mind, every pin is a handmade product), and come packaged on a backing card with a plastic protector.

B-Grade: Noticeable flaws that are viewable from most angles and lighting - these pins are not up to our high quality standards. They're still completely wearable and functional, but might have defects with the metal finish, low/high enamel fill, incorrect colors, or scratches. A good option for saving a few bucks if you plan on wearing pins on a jacket or bag where they might get roughed up a bit anyway. B-grade pins come packaged in a small plastic bag, without a backing card.

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